Greenway's Owners, Shabazz Jackson and Josephine Papagni, are certified compost facility operators and professional soil blenders.  They design Zero Waste Systems and storm water management.  Greenway accepts food waste, leaves, stumps, logs, pallets and unpainted dimensional lumber at their facility.  The material is processed into topsoil, compost and mulch.

Greenway's Mission

is to return the fertility to our soils, and at the same time, protect ground water and surface water.  We accomplish this by recovering the organic fraction of the waste stream and converting it to high-performance blended soils, compost and mulch.

Greenway Topsoil - Compost - Garden Soil & Organic Disposal

205 Hurds Road, Clintondale, NY  12515 (2-miles south of New Paltz / Exit 18 off NYS Thruway)

(845) 656-6071

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